Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

  • Expert-crafted meal plans from a nutritionist
  • Glucose, exercise & weight trackers
  • An easy-to-start, simple fitness plan


This comprehensive plan will help you to adopt the lifestyle and diet habits needed to effectively control your diabetes. This Actionplan contains expert-crafted meal plans from a nutritionist and combines a delicious, diabetes-safe meal plan with tips and trackers for monitoring blood glucose and overall wellness.

Actionplan essentials

Male, female

What's inside?

  • 1 lesson
  • 53 instructions
  • 9 trackers
  • 6 text inputs

About the author

Taryn Schubert RD
Eliminating the fear of healthy food one person at a time
An experienced RD with a passion for helping people find the fun and delicious side of eating healthy. Taryn Schubert received her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from Ohio State University, and completed her training in Pittsburgh, PA.

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